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Thank You for visiting Share & Care In-Home Support & Respite Service LLC Website. Our purpose is to make sure WE SHARE THE CARE. Even though many families take great joy in proving care to their loved ones so that they can remain at home. The physical , emotional and financial consequences for the family caregiver can be overwhelming without some support .

                Share & Care IHSRS goal is to provide the much needed support from the often exhausting challenges faced by the family caregivers. Having had the professional training and experience we are actually aware of the problems focusing the families with disabled family members.

                 Share & Care In-Home Support & Respite Service LLC are aware that families want the best for there love ones and also have a peace of mind. Share & Care In-Home Support and Respite Service LLC will try to help you with the services that are provided.

                 Share & Care In-Home Support & Respite Service LLC are providing Companionship, In-Home & Community Support, Two on One In Home & Community Support. In-Home 24hr.Respite Service, Out-of Home 24hr. One on One Respite Service, and 24hr. In-Home Two on One Respite Service to Individual with Intellectual Disability, and Individuals with serious medical conditions that live home with there families or care givers.

                 Share & Care In-Home Support & Respite Service LLC will provide daily as well as overnight support that includes assisting the individual with personal grooming, meal preparation, light housekeeping, transportation, companionship and any other personal needs.

                Share & Care In-Home Support & Respite Service LLC, will care for the individuals and ensure their health & safety and enables the families to go to work or vacation with a peace of mind that their loved one will be cared for.

                               These Are The Services Provided :      


1:1 In-Home & Community Support

2:1 In-Home & Community Support

24hr. In-Home Respite Service

24hr. Out of-Home Respite Service

24hr. In-Home 2:1 Respite Service

These Services Are Offered In:

Bucks County, Chester County,

Delaware County, Montgomery County,

and Philadelphia County

Share & Care In-Home Support & Respite Service LLC, We are members of Art-Reach. Art-Reach is an non-profit agency that provides Concert tickets, Plays, Museums Entrance, and Art Shows at a very low cost. This will allow Individuals to be happy in the community in very different way.

Thank You for visiting our site, hope to here from you soon!

Why us?

Our Mission is to provide one on one love, care, compassion, and support to individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, Individuals with sensory loss, and Individuals with physical disabilities. Share & Care In-Home Support & Respite Service LLC, will be giving you PEACE of mind while providing quality care and service.

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